Stock Lettering, Names and Numbers embroidered on Shirts, Jackets and Hats!

We have about 50 stock lettering fonts to choose from. These fonts can be used for everything from personalization, (names), or used in creating a complete logo. (Example your company name).  Add them to one of our stock designs, (See stock designs page),  to make an attractive or one of a kind custom logo. Cost is a $5.00 set up fee as it may take a while to find the exact font your looking for. This price does not include the embroidery. To have a name or number sewn on an item, cost is $7.00 per line, each piece.  Left or Right chest only and font sizes less than 1 inch.

Some of the Fonts available are:

  • Block
  • Brody
  • Brush Script
  • 2 color full block
  • Olde English
  • Roman Block
  • Athletic Block
  • 3 Letter Point  (used for monograms)
  • Script
  • Open Block
  • Full Block
  • Melco Block
  • Diane Script
  • Oesco Block

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