Custom Digitizing is Available for FREE! (A minimum order of 24 pieces applies).

We offer FREE DIGITIZING for orders of 24 pieces or more!  [See Legal Note]  Send us your logo or company design by email and let us digitize it  for you.  Digitizing prices are for in house embroidery only. Camera ready art work is best.  We can also edit your current digitized logo or re-size it.  Cost is $5.00.

Digitizing is the process of taking a picture or your art work and turning it into a program which the embroidery machine can read and then sew out. You can not just merely scan in a picture and expect the machine to sew it out.

  • Digitizing for your art work is available so you can embroider:
  • Shirts   (Left chest, right chest, either sleeve, or on the back)
  • Caps   (Front, either side and on the back)
  • Visors   (Front and some on the strap)
  • Bags   (depending on size of pockets or bag opening)
  • Digitizing is available for FREE with minimum quantity orders.  Stitch counts up to 8000 stitches only.  Minimum 25 pieces.  On larger stitch counts the cost is reduced by 50%.


  • Overall Size.  For typical left chest embroidery, the ideal design would be between 3.5-4.0 inches wide.  With a max of 5.0 inches.  We will have your logo sized appropriately based on our experience.
  • Small Text.  The smallest text that we would recommend to be embroidered is about 0.25 inches high.  We can make some slight ajustments to this to compensate, but for best clarity .025 is the smallest that should be used.  This would also include about 20 characters and spaces across, before it would need to be slit into 2 separate lines.
  • Caps and Head wear.  A max height for caps is 2.5 inches high.  Less for visors, usually 1.0 inches.  The width may exceed 5 inches.  Embroidery on the sides and backs of caps can also be done.


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